About Us

An amazing group of people are the heart and soul of this phenomenal brand! We are always finding innovative ways to empower consumers to get better better real estate goals.

Founder and CEO

Stanford fintech entrepreneur hooked on real estate

Duc Pham

Engineering VP

Problem solver who loves anything from the 90s. 

Tai Nguyen

Mortgage VP

Business minded, can't resist difficult mortgage cases. 

Nhan Cao

Real Estate Specialist

Usually listing, always listening to clients.

Kennedy Ngo

Real Estate Agent

Powered by research and lots of hard works.

Quyen Tran

Process Manager

Experience creator obsessed with everything great deal.

Nhat Nguyen

Customer Relation

Creative strategist, cooking enthusiast.

Nguyen Thao

ROG-World Properties

Loves working with real estate and speak Chinese fluently


Leslie Zhong

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